Sustainability and responsibility represent an overarching trend. Every small step in the right direction counts – whether you are 100% idealistic or carefully choose your key issues. One way of pursuing a sustainable lifestyle is to choose good quality products that last a long time and thereby reduce overall consumption.

Södahl makes it easy to choose a healthy and environmentally-conscious everyday life with a range of new GOTS-certified products. GOTS (the Global Organic Textile standard) is a standard for organic fibres. It is known and recognised throughout the world and includes independent certification of the entire supply chain. This means that GOTS monitors ingredients from the production and harvesting of raw materials, through processing to the finished product, and gives the end consumer a trusted guarantee of environmentally and socially responsible production.

In other words, there are specific environmental requirements at all stages of manufacturing, for wastewater treatment, for the quality of the finished product as well as social criteria based on the primary norms of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), for instance, regarding employee conditions, salaries and entitlements. Only when all GOTS criteria are met can textile manufacturers export their organic textiles with a certification accepted in all major markets.

Södahl’s GOTS-certified concepts are 100% organic and 100% in good conscience. Durable and sustainable solutions that can be used every single day.