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THE essence

living room.

The patterns are distinctly minimal, yet with a soft bohemian vibe.
The light and earthy appearance has an almost meditative appeal.


Embrace the magic of texture. Combine cozy knits, luxurious tufted weaves, and the timeless elegance of linen. The result? A sensory symphony that will elevate your living room to new heights.






Classic herringbone patterns can be seen in various places in the home – on the parquet floor or on the tile wall in the bathroom. And now also on textiles, where the beautiful timeless motif is used to elevate the styling in the contemporary and modern home.


Set the table for dinner with friends or a family lunch, and let the stylish pattern form a beautiful backdrop for pleasant hours around the table.

living room.

Nestle into the soft comfort within the living room, where cozy throws and cushions invite you to unwind and snuggle up.

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