The new ORGANIC range by BITZ/Södahl is comprised of textiles in the well-known Södahl quality in 100% organic materials that match the colours of the BITZ tableware and provide a wealth of stunning mix and match options.

The table can be styled with different plates and napkins in many colours or only one, just as the kitchen can be updated simply and easily through an array of several beautiful colours.

With the ORGANIC range from BITZ/Södahl, you bring a bold universe of colour into your everyday life.

Christian Bitz says:
“I am proud of the collaboration with Södahl, which has been a leader in textiles for the home since 1963. I myself have many Södahl products at home, and when the design process for textiles in the BITZ universe was set in motion, Södahl was, of course, the obvious choice.

Merging our two universes has been an exciting creative process. ORGANIC brings new life to the kitchen and table, and it is crafted in the best and most organic fabrics.”

Christian Bitz.