Christmas has myriad expressions, although for many people, the essence of Christmas is the traditions and days of December. Whether you’re into nostalgic retro, quirky graphics, classic elegance, or perhaps a blend of them all, Christmas is worth celebrating and should be enjoyed to the fullest.

In the month before Christmas, there are all the preparations for the big holiday, and we must enjoy the cosy moments with friends and family while balancing jobs, school and everyday life. But in the midst of all the hectic activity, a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and kindness abounds. Christmas becomes part of us, and the joy and hygge radiate into every corner.

Explore the cosy little Christmas town. This quirky universe conceals cute and amusing details that bring forth smiles from all ages. Just like an advent calendar, the numbers from 1 to 24 are hidden in the adorable little houses. Start a small competition while enjoying breakfast or at dinner after a lovely December day. Who will be first to find the little ‘skater boy’, and who can spot the toboggan loaded with all the presents? A genuine December conversation tablecloth for the whole family.