The new design of the Botanicals range is created in collaboration with designer Pernille Folcarelli, who specialises in handmade graphic prints of botanical motifs.

Using nature’s own motifs, Pernille Folcarelli creates designs for calm, sensuous interiors so that they serve as natural, comfortable oases in a hectic world. She makes use of motifs that open our eyes to nature’s unique details and the beauty in what surrounds us.

In the original prints, Pernille Folcarelli works with fresh plants and grasses on paper on an old-fashioned copper printing press. The hand-printed artworks are then processed and further developed into prints on textiles. When the motifs are enlarged, new details emerge that may not be noticed at first glance. Pernille Folcarelli is fascinated by the lightness of the grasses, by their simple and graceful appearance, and the fine details and patterns of plants that become visible on closer inspection.

Pernille Folcarelli is a trained textile designer from the Danish Design School (now the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design). For a number of years, Pernille Folcarelli worked as a freelance designer and with various interior design projects before devoting herself in 2013 to her work with plant prints and founding the brand Pernille Folcarelli, for which she designs, manufactures and sells graphic prints, textiles, wallpapers and other products for the home.

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