A warm style of interior design that encompasses multiple trends. Scandinavian ‘hygge’, seasoned with products crafted from quality natural materials. Good craftsmanship, technology and simplicity mingle in the interior design.

The colour palette is comfortable and recognisable – with most tones originating directly from nature. Warm clay colours, bright neutrals with a feminine lavender and the slightly edgy khaki green as an exciting new contrast.

An honest and thoughtful décor combined with a muted colour palette makes the style comfortable and appealing with a high aesthetic value. It is the combination of different materials and surface textures that give the décor character and personality. Tactile surfaces and sensory designs speak to our emotions and pique our curiosity.

Sustainability and responsibility are the overriding trends we bring with us into the new decade, where we sharpen the requirements for how we produce, consume and generally take better care of the world.

The theme is minimalism in a new and warmer form.

In stores from: 01 / 12 / 2019