Creativity and a personalised style are the code of the theme, where exciting natural motifs blend with modern graphic décor and historical elements.

The green colour palette ranges from the very light pastel tones to the deep forest green shades. Indigo blue and beautiful berry tones are combined with timeless metals for an exclusive look.

This is the season’s luxury theme, where there is energy and space for a more dramatic and expressive décor.

The Art Deco trends, which are still in play, reveal themselves through the use of precious metals, marble and soft velvet.

Nature as inspiration, in more than one sense. Botany is a major theme, but also micro-motifs, which are more a structure than an actual motif, and naturally large, dramatic floral designs.

Wellness is given top priority. The feeling of luxury and well-being is a source of joy and a way to balance a hectic everyday life.

Craftsmanship, creative new ideas and solutions are a new angle in the modern décor.

The focal point is to use elements, motifs or materials sourced from nature.

In stores from: 01 / 02 / 2020