The summer offers a colourful style in a simple and laid-back way. A Scandinavian take on the lushest of seasons. Soothing colour combinations arise by mixing different shades of the same intensity and strength – either different colours that create exciting contrasts, or tones from the same colour palette. The palette is wide-ranging, and you’re guaranteed to find one of your favourite colours: blue, green, and grey are classic, Scandinavian shades, coordinated with summery golden tones, sweet berry shades and makeup tones with a feminine touch.

Achieving fashionable décor outdoors is a breeze when you can mix and match products. The products in the outdoor collection are designed to be used in multiple combinations. When the décor is enhanced with handmade products, you get an exciting, casual one-of-a-kind interior. Imperfect surfaces and a look with sun-bleached colours make the style a little rustic with a hint of bohemian.

Honest materials such as natural wicker, coarse cotton, ceramics and wood provide a warm atmosphere and are important additions to the décor both indoors and outdoors.

When the nature outside is mixed with the exciting colours of summer, this creates a lovely dynamic. It doesn’t have to be wild and daring – the Scandinavian interior design trend is often minimalist, and it can easily be achieved through the use of gorgeous colours.

In stores from: 01 / 03 / 2020