It’s all about ‘the good life’ and about enjoying the finer things.
Well-being and comfort are key.

Simple shapes and clean lines are the starting point in Scandinese styling, one of the hottest current trends. It is about the combination of the simple, honest Scandinavian design tradition and the strict, uncompromising
Japanese aesthetic.

Surround yourself with soft materials with varied and exciting textures. Natural materials abound, and preferably in
an authentic handmade look.

Simple shapes, clean lines and minimal patterns provide a wonderful balance in the décor.

An exciting mix of materials with matte surfaces or a raw, unprocessed look creates a dynamic effect.

The colours are warm, feminine and saturated - inspired by the colours of nature.

Harmony in the décor appeals to us and satisfies our desire for the home to be our ‘safe zone’.

In stores from: 01 / 07 / 2020